Marof_jembrela (Large)

Jembrela is an instrumental rock band from Čakovec, Croatia.

New Telecaster awakened the need for playing and creative relaxation in 2010 when the band was formed as a trio. By joining the rhythm guitar several years later, the band started acting as a quartet.

Through the expression of Walter Gropius, The mind is like an umbrella. It’s most useful when open., with an open mind and spirit, the band opens the listener’s senses. The sound with a dose of melancholy, post-rock and even noise atmosphere is clearly defined. Firm style and solid rifts define bands character what is at the same time result of the 432Hz tuning, which is linked to the natural frequency of the planet Earth (Schumann resonances). Cosmic frequency and resonance enrich both physically and spiritually – even metaphysical.

The idea and concept of the album “Jembrela” as a result of the band’s synergy invites you to hear and feel, to experience the energy of the sound and embrace its playful sinusoid until the eruption.


Guitar: Bruno Bujanić
Guitar: Stanislav Novak
Bass: Milivoj Bujanić
Drums: Zoran Bajsić